The mission of the Authority is to allow the City of Waycross and Ware County:

  1. To foster the public purpose of returning property that is in a nonrevenue generating, non-tax producing status to an effective utilization status in order to provide housing, new industry, and jobs for the citizens of the County.
  2. To acquire title to certain tax-delinquent properties that it will in turn inventory, classify, manage, maintain, protect, rent, lease, repair, insure, alter, sell, trade, exchange, or otherwise dispose of under such terms and conditions as determined by the sole discretion of the Corporation.
  3. In conjunction with the respective school district of Ware County, on a case-by-case basis, and the City of Waycross, to extinguish past due tax liens from property foreclosed upon by Ware County and the City of Waycross in their tax collection capacities.

Review the Land Bank Authority Bylaws here.

Download the Waycross – Ware County Land Bank
Authority Property Application here.

Waycross, Georgia Land Bank Authority Board Members:

  1. Mr. Norman Davis (City)                 
  2.   -Post 1, Expiration 12/31/2027
  3. Ms. Katrena Felder (City)         
  4.   -Post 2, Expiration 12/21/2023
  5. Mr. Larry Rood (City)               
  6.   -Post 3, Expiration 12/31/2024
  7. Ms. Harriet Bowman (City)       
  8.   -Post 4, Expiration 12/31/2025
  9. Mr. Timmy Lucas (County)     
  10.   -Post 5, Expiration 12/31/2027
  11. Mr. Steve Strickland (County)   
  12.   -Post 6, Expiration 12/31/2023
  13. Mr. Carlos Nelson (County)     
  14.   -Post 7, Expiration 12/31/2024

NOTE: All appointments for posts 1-4 are made by the Waycross City Commission. All appointments for posts 5-7 are made by the Ware County Commission. Terms are for four years. After serving one full 4-year term, members must be off of the board for at least one (1) year.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Waycross, Georgia Land Bank Authority Properties:
1530 Roosevelt Street

Roosevelt Street 

1310 Bailey Street

All three (3) properties are zoned R-50.